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The biggest online wedding expo in the south.

Join us in this once in a lifetime chance to meet all types of wedding suppliers all for FREE!

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A wedding expo like no other.

Kasalang Tagaytay is the first expo who will be featuring wedding venues and churches aside from the impressive wedding suppliers of the South. We will be showcasing the skills and talents of people who deserve to be on your dream wedding team.

This 2020, we made it convenient for everyone by going online.
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Why join this year’s Kasalang Tagaytay?

1 full week of wedding goodness!
More than 100 wedding suppliers
Get wonderful freebies
Catch great deals and offers

Congratulations to the winners! ‘Til next time


Frequently asked questions

How to register?

To officially start experiencing Kasalang Tagaytay, You can sign up by following these steps:

1. Start by clicking Register Now.

2. Fill up the necessary details, you can be a guest or soon to be a bride/groom.

3. After signing up, You can finally use Kasalang Tagaytay!.

4. From viewing different suppliers, join live zoom program, send inquiries, and many more!.

How to navigate this site?

After signing up, here's how you can navigate through Kasalang Tagaytay:

  • - Kasalang Tagaytay offers live zoom meeting with an interactive activity wherein you can win from their raffle! You can join their live zoom meeting by clicking Join Zoom Meeting on the lower right corner of the page.

  • - Clicking View Suppliers, wherein you can see different suppliers for your wedding needs and displaying of suppliers can be filtered by categories base on your needs just by clicking "All Categories".

  • - From clicking selected suppliers, shows a list of their promo & discounts, you can also inquire about a promo you're interested in with a message directly to the supplier, and lastly, you can join their live zoom meeting for faster response on your inquiries.

  • - Another way to communicate with Kasalang Tagaytay is by clicking "Contact" wherein you can ask questions or suggestions you want to share with them.

What should I expect in this fair?

-There will be loads of promos and discounts from over 100 most sought wedding suppliers in Metro Tagaytay and the South.


How to join the raffle?

1. Book any of the participating suppliers.

2. For every Php 1,000 purchase, you will be entitled to one raffle entry which will be dream on oct 31, 2020 7pm on wards via live Zoom.

3. Ask your Booked Supplier for the link.

How do I start preparing for my wedding?

1. Work out your budget.

2. Consider your guests.

3. Check for the church availability on your chosen date.

4. Book the church and venue.

5. Hire a planner, whether it’s on the day, semi/partial, or full coordination.

6. Hire photographers, videographers, caterer, florist and other must have in your wedding to block the date.

How long do I need to prepare for my wedding?

For Tagaytay Weddings, its ideally 2 years before the chosen date to block the best time you want for your wedding.

Is planning a wedding really that hard?

Most people think planning a wedding is easy because all they have to do is find vendors and then deal with a few details. In reality, it takes a lot of time, energy, stress, and budgeting to planning a wedding. Experts say it takes over 400 hours to plan a wedding..... Remember, 400 hours to plan a wedding.

What is the advantage of booking suppliers early?

You can save money and time. Booking suppliers early means booking their old rate. Every year most of the wedding suppliers increase their package rates.

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